Salt Patrol

Salt Patrol

Salt Patrol is an active, friendly guild that is currently focused on competitive raiding content. We also participate in Arena, Rated Battlegrounds, Mythic+, and just casual play! Our focus is to try to make everyone remember the good days of old-school WoW. ☺



Salt Patrol runs on a 3 strike system. The systems described below are in place to protect guildies and to prevent repeat offenses. Repeated offenses will be considered more harshly by officers and the GM and may solicit additional strikes.

How do i get them?

In the event that you or another individual violates the guild bylaws, a strike may be administered by an officer or the GM.

If an individual leaves the guild under negative circumstances they will be given two strikes.

What do strikes do?

Strikes are a measure of punitive action against an individual. They are a system to ensure fair and unbiased treatment for guildies.

Once an individual has 2 violations, they will be put on a probationary status as long as both strikes are active.

In the event a guild member accumulates 3 strikes an officer meeting is automatically triggered to discuss repercussions, possibly including removal from the guild.

How long do they last?

Strikes are on a quarterly decay cycle. (1 strike every 3 months). In the event that a member leaves the guild, the decay casts “Ice Block” and will remain frozen until the member returns.