Salt Patrol

Salt Patrol

Salt Patrol is an active, friendly guild that is currently focused on competitive raiding content. We also participate in Arena, Rated Battlegrounds, Mythic+, and just casual play! Our focus is to try to make everyone remember the good days of old-school WoW. ☺

Guild Bylaws

Respect your Fellow Guildy

No Harassment, and treat others with respect. If you have an issue with something done/said and need assistance dealing with an altercation, please speak to an officer. 

No Politics

We feel that political opinions can complicate relationships and cause tension between guild-mates. As a result: all discussions involving politics are strictly prohibited in guild discord, chat, and forums. If you and another guild-mate wish to discuss politics please utilize non-guild channels of communication. Political topics include but are not limited to: the economy, foreign policy, federal deficit/budget, protests, health care, immigration, environmental science, gun ownership, presidential speeches/elections, etc.

In Regards to Religion

While we respect everyone's personal belief systems, we feel it may not be the best subject to bring up in guild chat, discord or forum, etc. If you feel that you must talk about religion, you may discuss it outside of guild channels. 

No Discrimination

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate. Any discrimination based on race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation is a direct violation of the guild's terms and may result in immediate termination from the guild.

No Not Safe for Work (NSFW) Content

NSFW content includes, but is not limited to, imagery or promotion of drugs, alcohol or pornographic content.


Salt Patrol runs on a 3 strike system. The systems described below are in place to protect guildies and to prevent repeat offenses. Repeated offenses will be considered more harshly by officers and the GM and may solicit additional strikes. For more information on violations, click here.